The Turn of The Mind to that Shaded Place

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"[Arthur Mampel] is the people's poet. The trouble is not enough people have heard of him or read his remarkable work. This modest volume may change that. Let us hope."
— Dan Rather, Former Anchor for CBS Evening News

"Arthur Mampel's poetry sings off the page with a music that is emotionally intricate, richly layered and essential. When I read Art's poems, each poem leaves me with the satisfaction of listening to brilliantly performed chamber music."
— Libby Larsen, Composer

When I was small
in the season of dead corn,
the pheasants weaved and prowled
among the fallen stalks;
and winter leaped through my window,
a bright sudden tale of hoary frost.



Arthur Mampel resides in Seattle, Washington. He lived on Kauai, Hawaii from 1970 to 1978, where his first chapbook was published: Poems: Makai and Mauka (l977). Since then he was published by International Theological & Philosophical, Library Press and Motecurb Press. His other books include: Antlers In The Treetop/ New and Selected Poems (2000), A Loose Nut Behind The Wheel (1993), Voyages (1988), Snapshots (1984), The Visitors (1983) and Silk Over Wood (l981). One of his poems, Before Winter was used for a recently published musical composition by E.C. Schirmer Music Company. Two of his poems were made into musical compositions by the noted composer, Libby Larsen. Another Seattle composer, Carol Sams, has used four of Arthur's poems in musical compositions. Mr. Mampel has given readings at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, St. Ambrose University in Iowa, and the Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, Washington. He taught a Seattle high school workshop for six years at Seattle Pacific University and has given several readings and conducted poetry workshops in various churches, camps and schools in the Seattle area. His poems have been published in numerous literary magazines such as Negro Digest (l968), United Church Herald (l969), A.D. Publications (1978), Communique Arts and Entertainment (l986), and Pietisten (l987). He has recently released a new work entitled Winter Wheat and is currently working on a series of children's poems entitled Poems for Claire .

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