The Turn of The Mind to that Shaded Place

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"[Arthur Mampel] is the people's poet. The trouble is not enough people have heard of him or read his remarkable work. This modest volume may change that. Let us hope."
— Dan Rather, Former Anchor for CBS Evening News

"Arthur Mampel's poetry sings off the page with a music that is emotionally intricate, richly layered and essential. When I read Art's poems, each poem leaves me with the satisfaction of listening to brilliantly performed chamber music."
— Libby Larsen, Composer

When I was small
in the season of dead corn,
the pheasants weaved and prowled
among the fallen stalks;
and winter leaped through my window,
a bright sudden tale of hoary frost.



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Winter Wheat

© 2005

Art Mampel, beautifully educated at Minnehaha Academy, North Park College and Knox College, left a rewarding career in (social) engineering, where, at one point he was simultaneously operating twenty-five different entrepreneurial ventures. Exhausted, he dropped these strenuous activities and slid into the world of poetry.

Poetry books have since steadily flowed from his skillful pen. Poetry readings are also frequent and rewarding. In these settings he weaves his own verse in with the poems of the great masters. And Art now keeps his balance by dabbling in magnetic shoes and old cars. Here is his latest slim volume, replete with reflections on aging, travel, friendships, with even a swipe at . . . our Commander-in-Chief.

B. Carlson and T. Tredway, co-editors


Antlers in the Treetops

© 2000

The poems in this book have been selected by the poet from his previous volumes which were fermented in Hawaii and Seattle over the past several decades. Our poet has also added some fine new poems.

Art Mampel is someone we have known and admired for many years. It is a pleasure for us to help launch this capstone vessel.

Bruce Carlson & Tom Tredway


A Loose Nut Behind The Wheel

© 1993

This is the sixth marvelous book of verse by Seattle poet Arthur Mampel. When asked his profession in the Red Onion (where he spends several hours a day) or on the Vashon ferry, Mampel unhesitantly replies "a poet." Ditto presumably on his passport. Indeed, then, he is "a poet."

Like Wallace Stevens (an insurance executive) and William Carlos Williams (a pediatrician), Mampel has the luxury of backing up his craft with an establishment profession — a sinecure in the Protestant church. Two and one half of his four children are in (in his words) "the professions." His wife is a supervisory nurse at the University Hospital. From the safety of this promontory, Mampel once again deftly casts his eye to scan his friends, travels, and wandering interests.

The Editors



© 1988

Art Mampel uses his rare ear and eye to respond to life and its chances as both poet and pastor. That is the tradition of Augustine, Herbert and Donne. Birthdays, dogs, old photographs . . . all are preached and written about with sympathy and insight.

With a certain pleasure Motecurb Publications has consistently offered the public Mampel's work. Another slim volume – here we go again – a fine cleric cooking soup on a nail.

T. Tredway
B. Carlson


The Beacon Story

© 1985

"To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair."

Walker Percy

Angels are messengers of God. They can be an invisible presence of holy influence and power. But they can also be visible and human.

Cliff Larson is of the latter variety. He has taken what is best of our dreams and given to them substance and content. He combines both the mechanics and poetry of our story at Beacon Avenue.

I share with the Beacon Avenue congregation my admiration and deep respect for this kind, shy, and innovative man. To his stewardship and selfless example we dedicate our story.

Arthur Mampel



© 1984

The Visitors

© 1983

Silk Over Wood

© 1981

Art Mampel has been writing poems since he was a little boy. His friends now think of him as a poet and so he is.

Much of his verse is about details of ordinary life — genre painting — such as his daughter's bicycle accident or a fly in a cabin.

He is also a singularly blessed member of the . . . well . . . church. So there is that warming up his vision.

But of course his poems speak for themselves. And Mampel has written nothing finer!

B. Carlson


Makai and Mauka

© 1977

Occasionally one encounters a sensitivity not too fragile to be shared. Such a one is Art Mampel's. The poems in this collection were written for a small group of friends, during the years after 1970, when Art moved from Minnesota to Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii, to be minister of the Koloa Union Church. Whether he looked Makai (toward the sea) or Mauka ( toward the mountain ), Art wrote of Kauai, and this small volume is meant to share his impressions with the many who love that island. The drawings are the work of Chris Tirre, who is also a pastor on Kauai, in the town of Hanapepe, west of Koloa, on the Island of Kauai.

Bruce Peter Careson
George Reid
Thomas Tredway

© Copyright 2024, Arthur Mampel. All rights reserved.